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Through Death, posted in early May, Themes from Art has discussed nine themes, eliciting subthemes from one poem, movie, rock song, and impressionist painting for each theme, a total of 36 artistic works. The table below lists each of them by theme and within theme by genre.

Theme Genre Art Artist
Alcohol Movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf Mike Nichols
Alcohol Painting The Absinthe Edgar Degas
Alcohol Poem Mr. Flood’s Party Edwin Arlington Robinson
Alcohol Rock Song Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet
Beauty Movie Taxi Driver De Niro and Shepherd
Beauty Painting Garden at Sainte Adresse Claude Monet
Beauty Poem She Walks in Beauty Lord Byron
Beauty Rock Song The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Roberta Flack
Chance Movie The Deerhunter De Niro, Walken, Streep
Chance Painting The Quai Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame Luce Maximilien
Chance Poem Hap Thomas Hardy
Chance Rock Song The Winner Takes It All ABBA
Death Movie Bonnie & Clyde Beatty and Dunaway
Death Painting The House of the Hanged Man Paul Cezanne
Death Poem Death, be not proud John Donne
Death Rock Song Honey Bobby Goldsboro
Decisions Movie Sophie’s Choice Alan J. Pakula
Decisions Painting The Card Players Paul Cezanne
Decisions Poem The Road Not Taken Robert Frost
Decisions Rock Song Do You Believe in Magic? Lovin’ Spoonfuls
Destruction Movie Saving Private Ryan Stephen Spielberg
Destruction Painting The Flood at Port-Marley Edward Sisley
Destruction Poem Ozymandias Percy Bysshe Shelley
Destruction Rock Song My Hometown Bruce Springsteen
Silence Movie North by Northwest Hitchcock
Silence Painting Jane Avril Leaving the Moulin Rouge Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Silence Poem For Whom the Bell Tolls John Donne
Silence Rock Song The Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel
Time Movie Groundhog Day Bill Murray
Time Painting The Bellili Family Edgar Degas
Time Poem To His Coy Mistress Andrew Marvell
Time Rock Song Turn, Turn, Turn The Byrds
Work Movie Citizen Kane Orson Welles
Work Painting The Floor Scrapers Gustave Caillebotte
Work Poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost
Work Rock Song Proud Mary Credence Clearwater Revival