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Beauty, Additional Subthemes

Subthemes: Evolution, Jealousy, Brains or Beauty Expressions

The four sections before this address subthemes of Beauty as love from the first glance, the wonders of nature, a beautiful woman walking, and instant appeal in a movie scene. Here we add a few more subthemes that don’t relate to any of the pieces of art.

Evolution: Trust Mother Nature to have evolved humans to want to mate with the most attractive. Eros is perhaps the most compelling drive of humanity – to procreate. If attractiveness correlates with fertility and strength, the fittest survive and reproduce more. Some women are drawn to men with power (Wilber Mills?), money (Aristotle Onassis?) or brains (Henry Kissinger, Jean-Paul Sartre?) more than classical good looks. But in general, our sexual urges tend toward prime physical specimens.

Jealousy: Whoever dates or marries a very attractive person may suffer pangs of jealousy. They imagine or see that others covet their beautiful man or woman and that can end badly. The green-eyed monster gnaws at almost all couples somewhere in their relationship. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife may be flippant, but it touches on an uncertainty about fidelity.

Brains or Beauty: Sexists might believe that a woman cannot be both beautiful and intelligent. Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, an intelligent woman, if she chooses to, may be more able to figure out how to look as attractive as possible given her physical attributes. Physical qualities do not correlate to mental abilities.

Expressions: We have many figurative sayings in English that pertain to Beauty. For a master list of online sources that have contributed idioms to the various Themes, along with my own knowledge, see Work Additional Subthemes. Fifty of the idioms are below.

a real looker (very attractive)
as pretty as a picture(very attractive or pleasant to look at)
beauty and the beast(one person is perceived to be much more attractive than the other)
beauty is in the eye of the beholder (each person has their opinion as to what is beautiful)
beauty sleep(the sleep that someone needs in order to feel healthy and attractive)
beauty spot (a mole on the face)
blossom out (changes into a beauty)
cold hands, warm heart (Implies inner beauty; a caring person; warm)
cut a dash (impressively attractive because of carriage, behavior, or appearance)
drop dead gorgeous (Breathtakingly beautiful)
easy on the eyes (others keep staring at an attractive person)
eye popping (Wonderfully beautiful)
fine feathers make fine birds (quality clothes create attractiveness)
good enough to eat (aesthetically very pleasing)
ice queen (A beautiful but cold and heartless woman)
look like a million dollars (extremely attractive and stunningly elegant)
make beautiful music together (Have a wonder romantic relationship with each other)
not a hair out of place (that someone’s appearance is perfect)
out of this world (emphasizing that it is extremely good, impressive or beautiful)
she/he is a ten (a person is perfect in looks)
sight for sore eyes (A pleasing sight, something that is deeply pleasing)
sitting pretty (Comfortably placed or well situated)
stops traffic (va va voom)
take my breath away (feel huge admiration because something is so beautiful)
ugly duckling (young person who turned from unattractive to beautiful as they matured)
you beauty (A general exclamation of happiness and joy)

aesthetically challenged (not physically attractive)
bee’s knees (a highly admired person)
belle at the ball (an attractive woman at a party)
cat’s meow (someone or something is really very appealing)
cover person (an attractive person like those who appear on magazine covers)
cute as a bug (sweet and endearing)
cute as a button (pretty or attractive in a dainty way)
english rose (an attractive English woman)
eye candy (visually attractive, but dumb)
eye-catching (beautiful)
fancy up (put on special clothes to appear beautiful)
feast for the eyes (pleasing sight)
feel like a million dollars (feel exceptionally attractive)
finer than frog’s hair (extremely fine)
good looker (an attractive person)
he/she is a peach (very pleasing or attractive)
jaw dropping (amazing beauty)
not just a pretty face (being attractive with so many other qualities)
on fleek (extremely good and attractive)
on point (extremely good, attractive, or stylish)
out of sight (extremely good and excellent)
put one’s face on (put makeup on)
to one’s taste (pleasing to one)
vision of loveliness (someone who is beautiful)
well favoured (having special advantages, especially good looks)

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