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Release 1.0 of Comp Survey for Law Firm COOs/Exec. Directors

Here is the Table of Contents of Release 1.0, sent to 159 participating COOs/Exec. Dirs on August 22, 2022.

We plan to publish an updated report, with data from respondents between late August and mid-October, shortly after the October closing date.

From these respondents, here are quartile figures for their total base and bonus compensation. We anticipate considerably more respondents for the final release.

Quartile_1st Median Average Quartile_3rd
$234,250 $332,500 $418,107 $500,000

The final table gives the distribution of respondents by the number of lawyers practicing in their firm.

Quartile_1st Median Average Quartile_3rd
61 95 157.8608 190
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