Through Dogs, posted in early January of 2022, Themes from Art has discussed 29 Themes, eliciting 494 subthemes from one poem, movie, rock song, and impressionist painting for each Theme, a total of 116 artistic works. The table below lists each of the subthemes and their art work, by Theme.

Theme Subtheme Post
Alcohol Depressant Absinthe
Alcohol Destabilizing Absinthe
Alcohol Hangovers Absinthe
Alcohol Legal Restrictions Absinthe
Alcohol Cause and Effect Additional
Alcohol Despondency Additional
Alcohol Flight Additional
Alcohol Handicaps Additional
Alcohol Loneliness Additional
Alcohol Moderation and Tradeoffs Additional
Alcohol Positive and Negative Additional
Alcohol Physical Risks Margaritaville
Alcohol Robs Purpose Margaritaville
Alcohol Temporary Respite Margaritaville
Alcohol Weakens Decision-Making Margaritaville
Alcohol Expensive Mr. Flood
Alcohol Respite and Relief Mr. Flood
Alcohol Social Disapproval Mr. Flood
Alcohol Toasting Mr. Flood
Alcohol Aggressiveness Woolf
Alcohol Costly Woolf
Alcohol Loss of Control Woolf
Alcohol Not to Be Reasoned With Woolf
Beauty Brains or Beauty Additional
Beauty Evolution Additional
Beauty Jealousy Additional
Beauty Beauty as Comparison Byron
Beauty Culturally Defined Byron
Beauty Gendered Byron
Beauty Components and Composites Flack
Beauty Cosmetics, Contours and Clothes Flack
Beauty Eyes of the Beholder Flack
Beauty More Than Just the Face Flack
Beauty Beauty in Man-Made Artifacts Garden
Beauty Beauty in Nature Garden
Beauty Situation Influences Garden
Beauty Different than Sexy Taxi
Beauty La Femme Fatale Taxi
Beauty Only Skin Deep Taxi
Beauty Physical Characteristics Taxi
Birds Extinct, Mythical or Cartoon Additional
Birds Food Additional
Birds Expressions Additional
Birds Trained Additional
Birds Pets Free Bird
Birds Roaming Freely Free Bird
Birds Sudden, Darting, Frightened Free Bird
Birds Feed Magpie
Birds Flocks Magpie
Birds Migrations Magpie
Birds Nests and Eggs Magpie
Birds Carefree Ode to Nightingale
Birds Cheerful Ode to Nightingale
Birds Tuneful Ode to Nightingale
Birds Hunting and Shooting The Birds
Birds Pests The Birds
Birds Pretty The Birds
Birds Symbols and Associations The Birds
Books Autodidacts Good Will Hunting
Books Software Good Will Hunting
Books Sacred Texts Good Will Hunting
Books Lost Books Good Will Hunting
Books Libraries Still Life with Books
Books Physical Production Still Life with Books
Books Historical Development Still Life with Books
Books Authors’ Struggles The Author to Her Book
Books Prizes and Awards The Author to Her Book
Books Copyright and Screen Rights The Author to Her Book
Books Censorship The Author to Her Book
Books Book Publishing Industry Paperback Writer
Books Ghostwriters, Fabrications, Plagiarism, and Hacks Paperback Writer
Books Author Earnings Paperback Writer
Books Records Additional
Books Expressions Additional
Bridges Expressions Additional
Bridges Famous Bridges Additional
Bridges World Records Additional
Bridges Engineering Feat Argentuille Monet
Bridges Speed and Efficiency Argentuille Monet
Bridges Traffic Argentuille Monet
Bridges Civilian Collapses Bridge over River Kwai
Bridges Cost Bridge over River Kwai
Bridges Military Significance Bridge over River Kwai
Bridges Lengthy Delays and Obstacles Bridge over Troubled Water
Bridges Safety Bridge over Troubled Water
Bridges Suicides Bridge over Troubled Water
Bridges Design Concord Hymn
Bridges Dramatic Beauty Concord Hymn
Bridges Transition or Unifier Concord Hymn
Chance Non-Quantified Language Additional
Chance Quantum Probability Additional
Chance Risk Aversion Additional
Chance Coincidence of Meeting Church
Chance Miracles and Saints Church
Chance Randomness or Religion Church
Chance Reduce Chanciness Church
Chance Act Against the Odds Deer
Chance Entertainment Component Deer
Chance Nerves of Steel Deer
Chance Risk Deer
Chance Good or Bad Luck Hap
Chance Opportunity Hap
Chance Probability Hap
Chance Randomness of Events Hap
Chance Bad Things Happen Winner
Chance Physical or Person Winner
Chance Unknown Future Winner
Churches Funerals and Cemeteries Additional
Churches Sociology Additional
Churches Tithing Additional
Churches Absolution and Counseling California Dreamin’
Churches Clerics and Lay People California Dreamin’
Churches Prayer California Dreamin’
Churches Welcoming California Dreamin’
Churches Ancient Dover Beach
Churches Familiar and Reliable Support Dover Beach
Churches Mystical Dover Beach
Churches Defines the Proper Life Essoyes
Churches Honoring Deity Essoyes
Churches Hub of Social Life Essoyes
Churches Outreach and Serving Essoyes
Churches Living Properly On the Waterfront
Churches Privilege of Clerics On the Waterfront
Churches Sanctuary On the Waterfront
Clothes Expressions Additional
Clothes Personality Additional
Clothes Records Additional
Clothes Protection from the Elements Bathers at Asniers
Clothes Specific Occasions Bathers at Asniers
Clothes Stupendous Variety Bathers at Asniers
Clothes Uniforms Bathers at Asniers
Clothes Budgets and Spending My Fair Lady
Clothes Costumes and Disguises My Fair Lady
Clothes Cultural Norms My Fair Lady
Clothes Socioeconomic Class My Fair Lady
Clothes Attractiveness, Sex Appeal Play with Fire
Clothes Charity, Hand-me-down Play with Fire
Clothes Nakedness Play with Fire
Clothes Mighty Apparel Industry Upon Julia’s Clothes
Clothes Person Plus Upon Julia’s Clothes
Clothes Quality Upon Julia’s Clothes
Dancing Expressions Additional
Dancing In Art and Literature Additional
Dancing Records Additional
Dancing Associations with Nations Dance at Bougival
Dancing Dress Dance at Bougival
Dancing Norms and Styles Dance at Bougival
Dancing Dating and Courting Dancing Queen
Dancing Enjoyable Dancing Queen
Dancing Sensual Dancing Queen
Dancing Ceremonies My Papa’s Waltz
Dancing Music My Papa’s Waltz
Dancing Rites My Papa’s Waltz
Dancing Instruments and Bands Singing in the Rain
Dancing Performance Singing in the Rain
Dancing Physical and Mental Exertion Singing in the Rain
Death Alter History Additional
Death Funerals and Eulogies Additional
Death Near-Death Experiences Additional
Death Survivor Guilt Additional
Death Accidents Bonnie
Death Civilian Jobs that Kill Workers Bonnie
Death Suicide or Downhill Slide Bonnie
Death Courage Facing Imminent Death Donne
Death Final Physical Shut Down Donne
Death Inevitability Donne
Death Philosophical Pondering Donne
Death Capital Punishment Hanged
Death Mass Deaths: Wars, Pandemics, Natural Disasters Hanged
Death Murder Hanged
Death Afterlife Honey
Death Grief and Heartbreak Honey
Death Religion Honey
Decisions Humanity’s Advantage Additional
Decisions Inner Monologue Additional
Decisions Rarely Final Additional
Decisions Difficult, and Uncertain Timing Believe in Magic
Decisions Inexplicable Believe in Magic
Decisions Life Changing But Slowly Develop Believe in Magic
Decisions Power and Pain Believe in Magic
Decisions Regret Believe in Magic
Decisions Constrained or Wide Open Card Players
Decisions Meaningfulness Card Players
Decisions Pattern Identification Card Players
Decisions Solo or Multiple Deciders Card Players
Decisions Ubiquity Card Players
Decisions Cognitive Dissonance Road Not Taken
Decisions Coin Flips Road Not Taken
Decisions Compounding and Curtailing Road Not Taken
Decisions Counterfactuals Road Not Taken
Decisions Retrospective Logic Road Not Taken
Decisions External Pressure Sophie’s Choice
Decisions Hair-Trigger Sophie’s Choice
Decisions Partial Information Sophie’s Choice
Decisions Values and Incommensurables Sophie’s Choice
Decisions Under the Gun Sophie’s Choice
Destruction Entropy Additional
Destruction Humans Cope Additional
Destruction Indiscriminate, Civilians Additional
Destruction Pandemics and Drugs Additional
Destruction Death and Sickness Flood at Port-Marley
Destruction Delayed Effects Flood at Port-Marley
Destruction Mighty Flood at Port-Marley
Destruction Sudden Flood at Port-Marley
Destruction Widespread Flood at Port-Marley
Destruction Anger My Hometown
Destruction Economic Pressure My Hometown
Destruction Foreseeability My Hometown
Destruction Social Strife My Hometown
Destruction Civilization Falls Ozymandias
Destruction Humans Wreaking Ozymandias
Destruction Nature Ozymandias
Destruction Retribution Ozymandias
Destruction Completely Wasteful Saving Private Ryan
Destruction Deaths of Humans Saving Private Ryan
Destruction Planned and Purposeful Saving Private Ryan
Destruction Unilateral or Not Saving Private Ryan
Dogs Smelling Cool Hand Luke
Dogs Working Cool Hand Luke
Dogs Sports and Racing Cool Hand Luke
Dogs Strays and Ferals La Pont de l’Europe
Dogs Diseases or Maladies La Pont de l’Europe
Dogs Evolution and Domestication La Pont de l’Europe
Dogs Breeds La Pont de l’Europe
Dogs Pets Epitaph to a Dog
Dogs Expense Epitaph to a Dog
Dogs Shows and Competitions Epitaph to a Dog
Dogs Service or Support Mr Bojangles
Dogs Food Mr Bojangles
Dogs Bites and Guards Mr Bojangles
Dogs Origins of Word Additional
Dogs Books and Shows Additional
Dogs Records Additional
Dogs Expressions Additional
Fire Government Regulations The Towering Inferno
Fire Firefighters The Towering Inferno
Fire Infamous Urban Conflagrations The Towering Inferno
Fire Industry The Flood Banks of the Seine Bougival
Fire Pottery and Bricks The Flood Banks of the Seine Bougival
Fire Insurance The Flood Banks of the Seine Bougival
Fire Nature’s Matches The Flood Banks of the Seine Bougival
Fire Home Heating and Lighting When You Are Old
Fire Cooking When You Are Old
Fire Fuels When You Are Old
Fire Astronomical Heat When You Are Old
Fire Chemistry Light My Fire
Fire Rust from Oxidation Light My Fire
Fire Harm Light My Fire
Fire Mythology Additional
Fire Records Additional
Fire Expressions Additional
Friends Common Values and Interests Additional
Friends Best Friends Forever Additional
Friends Psychology and Sociology Additional
Friends Alone or Lonely Alone
Friends Loss and Grief Alone
Friends Wealthy or Celebrity Alone
Friends Support, Guide, Therapist Luncheon on the Grass
Friends Neighbors, Colleagues and Acquaintances Luncheon on the Grass
Friends Balanced Two-Way Street Luncheon on the Grass
Friends Boy Friends and Girl Friends The Big Chill
Friends Time to Develop The Big Chill
Friends Movies and TV The Big Chill
Friends Connections You’ve Got a Friend
Friends Emotions You’ve Got a Friend
Friends Physical Touching and Sensing You’ve Got a Friend
Money Miscellaneous Subthemes Additional
Money Records Additional
Money Expressions Additional
Money Debt and Poverty Money O!
Money Salaries and Income Money O!
Money Inheritances Money O!
Money Inequality Poor Side of Town
Money Wealth Poor Side of Town
Money Taxes Poor Side of Town
Money Barter The Pork Butcher
Money Currencies and Coins The Pork Butcher
Money Fiat Money and Inflation The Pork Butcher
Money Intangible Money Wall Street
Money Gambling Wall Street
Money Counterfeiting Wall Street
Night Records Additional
Night Expressions Additional
Night Nightmares Invictus
Night Scary Invictus
Night Streetlights Invictus
Night Sleep, Insomnia It Happened One Night
Night Illumination It Happened One Night
Night Party Time and Entertainment It Happened One Night
Night Astronomy Stand by Me
Night The Changing Length of Days Stand by Me
Night Darkness. Despair and Death Stand by Me
Night Quieted Tempo The Starry Night
Night Night and Shift Workers The Starry Night
Night Nocturnal Animals The Starry Night
Night The Moon The Starry Night
Rivers Boundaries A River Runs Through It
Rivers Potable Water A River Runs Through It
Rivers Pollution A River Runs Through It
Rivers Drying Up A River Runs Through It
Rivers Miscellaneous Associations Additional
Rivers Records Additional
Rivers Expressions Additional
Rivers Bridges, Ferries and Fords Ferry Cross the Mersey
Rivers Cities and Industries Ferry Cross the Mersey
Rivers Irrigation, Farming and Fishing Ferry Cross the Mersey
Rivers Mythology and Religion Kubla Khan
Rivers Government Regulation Kubla Khan
Rivers Battles Kubla Khan
Rivers Hydroelectric Power Kubla Khan
Rivers Transportation The Seine and the Louvre
Rivers Floods The Seine and the Louvre
Rivers Entertainment and Sports The Seine and the Louvre
Sailing Ships Technology Additional
Sailing Ships Wind Additional
Sailing Ships Carried Cargo Harbor at Honfleur
Sailing Ships Sustained Ports Harbor at Honfleur
Sailing Ships Transported People Harbor at Honfleur
Sailing Ships Exploration Mutiny on the Bounty
Sailing Ships Mutiny Mutiny on the Bounty
Sailing Ships Symbolism Mutiny on the Bounty
Sailing Ships Navies Old Ironsides
Sailing Ships Privateers and Pirates Old Ironsides
Sailing Ships Shipwrecks Old Ironsides
Sailing Ships Charters and Racing Sloop John B
Sailing Ships Sailor’s Job Sloop John B
Sailing Ships Types of Sail Boats Sloop John B
Silence Deep Thought Additional
Silence Out in Nature Additional
Silence Silence Enables Communication Additional
Silence Utter Silence of Outer Space Additional
Silence Anger or Disappointment Avril
Silence Disapproval Avril
Silence Introverted Avril
Silence Cessation Bell Tolls
Silence Death Bell Tolls
Silence Prayer Bell Tolls
Silence Reverence or Awe Bell Tolls
Silence Authority Northwest
Silence Concealment Northwest
Silence Hush Northwest
Silence Alienation and Depression Sounds
Silence Contrast to Conversation Sounds
Silence Ineffable Sounds
Sleep Research Additional
Sleep Records Additional
Sleep Expressions Additional
Sleep Circadian Rhythms Sleepless in Seattle
Sleep Insomnia Sleepless in Seattle
Sleep Malfunctions Sleepless in Seattle
Sleep Sex Sleepless in Seattle
Sleep Children The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Sleep Hibernation The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Sleep Caffeine The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Sleep Nightmares The Second Coming
Sleep Deprivation The Second Coming
Sleep Snoring The Second Coming
Sleep Rest The Siesta
Sleep Naps The Siesta
Sleep Beds, Sheets and Pillows The Siesta
Soldiers Elite Units Additional
Soldiers Military Bases Additional
Soldiers Service Lines Additional
Soldiers Authority and Officers Charge Light Brigade
Soldiers Courage Charge Light Brigade
Soldiers Slaughter and Maiming Charge Light Brigade
Soldiers Atrocities Execution Maxmilian
Soldiers Military Justice Execution Maxmilian
Soldiers Rules of War Execution Maxmilian
Soldiers Medals Forrest Gump
Soldiers Training Forrest Gump
Soldiers Weapons and Equipment Forrest Gump
Soldiers Conscription or Enlistment Travellin’ Soldier
Soldiers Guerrilla Warfare Travellin’ Soldier
Soldiers Honoring Veterans Travellin’ Soldier
Sports Esports Additional
Sports Expressions Additional
Sports Games vs. Sports Additional
Sports Practice and Coaches Chariots of Fire
Sports Sportsmanship Chariots of Fire
Sports Tournaments Chariots of Fire
Sports Class and Cost Racers Before the Stands
Sports Fans Racers Before the Stands
Sports Gambling Racers Before the Stands
Sports Selective Gushers of Money Racers Before the Stands
Sports Errors and Losses The Boxer
Sports Evolution and Change The Boxer
Sports Rankings or Analytics and Records The Boxer
Sports Diminishment of Skills from Aging To An Athlete Dying Young
Sports Injuries To An Athlete Dying Young
Sports Stars and MegaStars To An Athlete Dying Young
Thinking Schools and Education A Beautiful Mind
Thinking Scientific Method A Beautiful Mind
Thinking Insanity A Beautiful Mind
Thinking Conspiracy Theories and Urban Legends A Beautiful Mind
Thinking Intelligence Interior at Aracharon
Thinking Books and Beyond Interior at Aracharon
Thinking Challenges from Religion Interior at Aracharon
Thinking Philosophy An Essay on Man Epistle II
Thinking Man Is a Rational Animal An Essay on Man Epistle II
Thinking Language An Essay on Man Epistle II
Thinking Gut Feel and Intuition What a Wonderful World
Thinking Obstacles What a Wonderful World
Thinking Common Errors and Biases What a Wonderful World
Thinking Formal Logic Additional
Thinking Records Additional
Thinking Expressions Additional
Time Space-Time Continuum Additional
Time Shrinks with Increasing Velocity Additional
Time Integral to Commerce Bellili
Time Passage Bellili
Time Punctuality Bellili
Time Spent With Family Bellili
Time Ampleness Suggests Leisure Coy
Time Carpe Diem Coy
Time Never Stops Coy
Time Rate It Passes Varies by Pleasure Coy
Time Leads to Quality Coy
Time Alarm Clocks Groundhog Day
Time Boredom and Loops Groundhog Day
Time One Direction Groundhog Day
Time Turn Back the Clock Groundhog Day
Time A Lifetime Turn
Time Nature’s Cycles Turn
Time View of Religion Turn
Time To Act or Not to Act Turn
Trains Management Additional
Trains Train Wrecks Additional
Trains Gale of Creative Destruction City of New Orleans
Trains Government City of New Orleans
Trains Technology City of New Orleans
Trains Travel City of New Orleans
Trains Complementary Industries Gare St. Lazare
Trains Construction Gare St. Lazare
Trains Massive Investments Gare St. Lazare
Trains Class Murder Orient Express
Trains Labor Murder Orient Express
Trains Transport Murder Orient Express
Trains Formidable Power The Railway Train
Trains Metaphor of Restrictive Rails The Railway Train
Trains Speed The Railway Train
Vision Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Rear Window
Vision Mythology Rear Window
Vision Specialized Glasses Rear Window
Vision Eyeglasses At the Opera
Vision Beauty of Appearance At the Opera
Vision Make-up At the Opera
Vision Optical Illusions At the Opera
Vision Technology At the Opera
Vision Good Eyesight Sonnet XIX On His Blindness
Vision Blindness Sonnet XIX On His Blindness
Vision Degeneration, Disease, and Injury Sonnet XIX On His Blindness
Vision Insight into a Person I’ll be Watching You
Vision Crying and Tears I’ll be Watching You
Vision Physical Marvel I’ll be Watching You
Vision Records Additional
Vision Expressions Additional
Wind Expressions Additional
Wind Records Additional
Wind Musical Instruments Blowin’ in the Wind
Wind Psychology and Sociology Blowin’ in the Wind
Wind Tracking and Gliding Blowin’ in the Wind
Wind Comfort Ode to the West Wind
Wind Speed and Direction Ode to the West Wind
Wind Weather Ode to the West Wind
Wind Jobs The Man a the Helm
Wind Meteorology The Man a the Helm
Wind Power The Man a the Helm
Wind Ships Under Sail The Man a the Helm
Wind Extreme Weather The Wizard of Oz
Wind Landscape Change The Wizard of Oz
Wind Other Consequences The Wizard of Oz
Work Labor, Task, Job, Career, Profession Additional
Work Money Additional
Work Unpredictable Journey Additional
Work Vacations and Holidays Additional
Work Directing Others Citizen Kane
Work Reputation Citizen Kane
Work Responsibility Citizen Kane
Work Workaholic Citizen Kane
Work Bosses Proud Mary
Work Job hopping Proud Mary
Work Reactive Proud Mary
Work Social Side Proud Mary
Work Attention to Detail Scrapers
Work Little or No Education Scrapers
Work Manual Deterioration Scrapers
Work Piecework Scrapers
Work Compared to Career or Profession Scrapers
Work Father’s Vocation Stopping by Woods
Work Gender Stopping by Woods
Work Gig Economy Stopping by Woods
Work Necessary Stopping by Woods
Work Not First Preference Stopping by Woods
# Divide 360 circle into 4 quadrants.  y axis points for subthemes would be along the lines of 85, 75, 65, 55, 45 for upper right and corresponding x axis points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Do similar for other three axes but two would have negative y points and two negative x.  Then match a subtheme to each point

# circles <- data.frame(
#   x0 = rep(1:3, 3),
#   y0 = rep(1:3, each = 3),
#   r = seq(0.1, 1, length.out = 9)
# )
# ggplot() +  # subthemesCombo, aes(x = 1:22, y = Subs
#     ggforce::geom_circle(aes(x0 = x0, y0 = y0, r = r, fill = r), data = circles) +
#   coord_fixed()
#   geom_point(fill = "white", color = "white") +
#   labs(x = NULL, y = NULL, title = "Alcohol Subthemes Discussed in Posts", subtitle = "Colored by Art Work or Perspective", caption = "Themes from Art blog") +
#   geom_text(data = subthemesCombo, aes(label = Subs, size = 2, colour = Post)) +
#   theme_tufte(ticks = FALSE) +
#     guides(colour = FALSE, size = FALSE)